Assessment Platform

Our Assessment Platform allows you to administer the assessment of a programme entirely online. The system includes automated deadline reminders and the ability for users to create a portfolio of work by uploading media such as documents, audio and video files.

Multimedia Portfolios

Allow students to supplement their written assessment work by uploading audio, video and image files.

Powerful Reporting

Built-in powerful reporting functionality for tracking students, markers and moderators. Track individual assessments.


Automated Reminders

Set deadlines and milestones for assessments and ensure students submit on time with automated email reminders and receipts.


Learning Journal

Take notes during your training and assessment using our built-in journal and download everything at the end as a tailored PDF.

Email Notifications

Ensure all students, markers and moderators are notified when assessment deadlines are near with automated email notifications.

Easy Marking

Students, markers and moderators can complete all steps of an assessment within their web browsers on PC/mobile devices.

Ready to get started?

Our Assessment Platform can be tailored to almost any training or programme’s structure. Contact us to find out more and arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

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