Helping you deliver the National Professional Qualifications for School Leadership

We have developed a modular suite of products designed to assist in the delivery of the DfE’s National Professional Qualifications for Middle Leadership (NPQML), Senior Leadership (NPQML), Headship (NPQH) and Executive Leadership (NPQEL). Read below to see how we can work with you throughout the NPQ process.

360 Feedback

Many providers like to begin the NPQ process with a 360 assessment. Our online 360 feedback platform can be loaded with your own questions tailored to the delivery of the NPQ, and is fully automated so that your students can log in, answer their questions and invite their respondents all within the platform. Once the 360 feedback is completed then your student can download a PDF report containing their feedback, tailored with their name as well as your organisation’s name and logo.

Easy to Administrate

Your own administration panel allows you to easily manage your users and feedback questions, with dedicated helpdesk training and support available 9-5, Mon-Fri.

Tailored PDF Report

The PDF report that your users will receive after completing their feedback is fully tailored to them, with their name, your organisation’s logo and the name of their training.

Optional 720 Evaluation

If you wish to compare a user’s knowledge both before and after training then you can purchase optional 720 feedback with a comparative benchmark report.


We have produced online materials for the whole range of National Professional Qualifications before, and have experience with working with providers to update materials which are compatible with modern devices and learning management systems (LMS). We can create interactive, web-based courses that allow students to access their training materials from PC and mobile devices. The courses can be hosted on your own LMS or with us on our LMS.


Learning Journal

Take notes during your training and assessment using our built-in journal and download everything at the end as a tailored PDF.

Mobile/Tablet Friendly

Canopy is accessible across desktop and mobile devices, ensuring your users can access their training when and where they need it.

Third-Party Course Compatible

Canopy is fully compatible with any third-party courses that are compliant with modern e-learning frameworks.

Assessment Platform

The e-clever NPQ Assessment Platform offers a tailored and managed process for your NPQ students to easily upload their assignments and all related reference materials ready for marking. Students are invited to the platform by your own administrator or we can handle the import process for you. The students will be notified via email of expected completion dates, reminders and a confirmation will be sent upon a successful submission. The in-house administrator can then manage the students and assign their marking from a pool of assessors that you use and have configured on the system.

Multimedia Portfolios

Allow students to supplement their written assessment work by uploading audio, video and image files.

Powerful Reporting

Built-in powerful reporting functionality for tracking students, markers and moderators. Track individual assessments.

Automated Reminders

Set deadlines and milestones for assessments and ensure students submit on time with automated email reminders and receipts.

720 Feedback

Once a student has completed their training you may wish to benchmark their progress against their original 360 feedback results by purchasing an optional 720 feedback report. Our 720 feedback report repeats the student’s 360 process, but produces a combined comparative report which shows their feedback data both before and after the qualification, with an additional comparative graphic to easily see the progress that they have made.

Easy to Administrate

Manage your users undertaking 720 feedback from your existing 360 administration panel, as all 720 feedback information is tracked within a single account. 

Tailored PDF Report

Our 720 feedback report contains detailed data from both the initial 360 report and the 720 feedback responses, handily summarised with a comparative graphic.

Simple Pricing

Our 720 feedback reports are available at any point after 360 feedback for an additional fee.

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