360 & 720 Feedback

Our 360 feedback platform can be customised with your own questions and produces a tailored PDF report for users when complete. 360 evaluations can be purchased for a flat cost of £49 per user. Contact us to find out more and arrange a free demonstration of our 360 feedback platform.

Tailored PDF Report

The PDF report that your users will receive after completing their feedback is fully tailored to them, with their name, your organisation’s logo and the name of their training.

Bulk Import

If you are looking for feedback on a whole team or organisation then you can easily import users to the 360 feedback platform via our bulk import function.


Automated Reminders

You can configure automatic deadlines and email reminders for  the completion of 360 feedback with automated email reminders to users to ensure feedback is completed.

Easy to Administrate

Your own administration panel allows you to easily manage your users and feedback questions, with dedicated helpdesk training and support available 9-5, Mon-Fri.

Powerful Reporting

Easily track the status of all of your users with our built-in reporting function. You can also export all of the 360 data to a spreadsheet for use elsewhere.

720 Feedback

If you wish to compare a user’s knowledge both before and after training then you can purchase optional 720 feedback with a comparative benchmark report.

360 Feedback Quick Start Guide

Use this quick start guide to learn how our 360 feedback platform works, and how you can get started with your 360 feedback.

Step 1 : Configure your 360 questions and users

Our customisable 360 feedback platform allows you to load your own bank of questions on to the system. Once you are happy with the structure of your questions then you can import a list of users who will be invited to take an appraisal.

Step 2 : User is invited to the system

Once you have submitted a list of users they will be sent an invitation via email with instructions on how to access their appraisal and a link to the platform.

Step 3 : User completes their evaluation and invites respondents

The invited user(s) answer the questions that you have configured using our intuitive interface. Once they have submitted all of their responses then they are prompted to invite respondents, who will complete the same questions about the user.

Step 4 : Respondents give their feedback

Once a respondent has been invited by a user they receive an email invitation to access the platform and complete the same questions to give their feedback on the initial user.

Step 5 : Once complete, user downloads their PDF report

Once all of the respondents have submitted their answers, or after a set deadline has passed, the user can download a tailored PDF report containing their answers, their respondent’s answers and a visual summary of all of the data in the form of a spidograph.

Optional: 720 evaluation add-on at the end of training

If you wish to see the progress that a user has made during their training then you may wish to purchase an optional 720 report. Once a user has completed their training then they will be provided with access to the 360 platform to complete their 720 evaluation. The user will answer the same questions once more and invite a team of respondents, and once completed they can download their 720 report which benchmarks the difference in answers between the two evaluations.

Want to know more?

Our 360 evaluations are available for a flat cost of £49 per user. Contact us to find out more and arrange your free consultation and demonstration.

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