Coming soon, Canopy is our all-in-one training platform that will enable users to access our full suite of evaluation, learning and assessment products using a single login.

Canopy features a robust 360 evaluation tool. You can create a custom set of questions or choose from a pre-made library, and automated invitations and email reminders ensure maximum completion rates. An optional 720 evaluation is available to benchmark a user’s learning both before and after any training has been completed.

Easy to administrate

Your own administration panel allows you to easily manage your users and feedback questions, with dedicated helpdesk training and support available 9-5, Mon-Fri.

Tailored PDF Report

The PDF report that your users will receive after completing their feedback is fully tailored to them, with their name, your organisation’s logo and the name of their training.

Optional 720 Evaluation

If you wish to compare a user’s knowledge both before and after training then you can purchase optional 720 feedback with a comparative benchmark report.

Canopy supports courses created by e-clever or those created by third parties. Students can record notes in Canopy as they work through their training then keep all of their work as a downloadable PDF that serves as a record of their learning journey.


Learning Journal

Take notes during your training and assessment using our built-in journal and download everything at the end as a tailored PDF.

Mobile/Tablet Friendly

Canopy is accessible across desktop and mobile devices, ensuring your users can access their training when and where they need it.

Third-party course compatible

Canopy is fully compatible with any third-party courses that are compliant with modern e-learning frameworks.

Canopy will feature a modular assessment system that can be customised to the needs of your training provision. The system also includes automated deadline reminders and the ability for users to create a portfolio of work by uploading media such as documents, audio and video files.

Multimedia Portfolios

Allow students to supplement their written assessment work by uploading audio, video and image files.

Powerful Reporting

Built-in powerful reporting functionality for tracking students, markers and moderators. Track individual assessments.


Automated Reminders

Set deadlines and milestones for assessments and ensure students submit on time with automated email reminders and receipts.

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